San Francisco based comedian, Jordan Cerminara, uses stand-up as an insight into what it means to be a small-town kid finding his way in the city.  From job-hopping to dealing with more body hair than one man needs, his wordplay-laden misdirection gives a classic take on self-deprecating humor a fuzzy twist of strange.  As a published, award-winning cartoonist, Jordan takes any opportunity in his comedy to color his words with silly voices for an added element to his despondent delivery.  If Jordan Cerminara has learned anything from pursuing comedy, it’s that working to achieve your dreams is a rough, long climb, but ABSOLUTELY NO ONE should ever have to write about themselves in the third person.

HUMANS! Oh my goodness. This guy RIGHT HERE, always brings the funny and is a cat that I think is gonna do BIG, big things.
— The Godfather of Bay Area Comedy, Tony Sparks


{comedians roasting thrift store art}

The Art Critique Comedy Show is a monthly concept show held at rotating gallery spaces in San Francisco, where comedians roast art found in thrift stores. At the end of the show, all art is auctioned off and proceeds go to keeping the producers fed and living in doors. For more info, show dates, and tickets, visit


Earth From Up Here is a satirical news show from the perspective of an alien race. The host, Zeblo Gonzor, is a citizen of Grong that is being held captive inside a TV studio spaceship where he reluctantly reports on Earth happenings in politics, high strangeness, and general human failure.  All episodes are written and performed by Jordan Cerminara in virtual reality using FlipSide Studio (developed by The Campfire Union).  Like, follow, and subscribe to the YouTube channel to see new episodes every week!

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